Can You Handle the Heat?


Let us tell you a Hot Secret, we at MA’s Kitchen, are about to add a Hot Twist to the existing Dad’s Garden range of gourmet sauces with Dad’s Garden Hot Shot Sauce. Months of tasting trails to find out the best-rated sauce variants with the most enthusiastic reviews helped us to bring you this authentic Hot Shot Sauce -Just the way you like it.

There are many different types of hot sauces, but Dad’s Garden Hot Shot Sauce is a vinegar-based sauces which is best known for their hot spicy hit. The base of this sauce is chilli in brine which creates the feature flavour & heat of the sauce. Other herbs and spices are blended to balance the sharpness of the taste profile.

This is quite distinct to a sweet hot sauce which is sugar/tomato-based, and we agree hot sauce is perfect for adding that kick to your everyday food.

Try some easy ways to use Dad’s Garden Hot Shot Sauce to flavour up your routine dishes.

·         Can be easily paired with Italian dishes like Pizza, whether it is spicy, BBQ chicken or old- fashioned margherita this hot sauce will compliment without taking away from the original flavour.

·         To add a quick spicy hit to your breakfast, add a dash of spice to your mundane breakfast on eggs, toast or vegetables by adding few drops of Hot sauce.

·         To transform your snacks like popcorn, potato fries by lightly drizzling Hot Shot Sauce over the top.


Be one of the lucky few to receive a complimentary bottle of our newest Dad’s Garden Hot Shot Sauce before it has even hit the shelves. 

Visit and fill in your details to grab your complimentary Dad’s Garden Hot Shot Sauce bottle. Get in quick as we have got limited numbers allocated Just for You…

We hope you enjoy this hot sauce and use it to make every meal a flavour adventure. 

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