Chicken Katsu Curry


200g mixed vegetables, cubed (Potato, Carrots, Cauliflower)

50g leeks cut thin

1 large onion sliced

100g MA’s Japanese Brown Curry

2 tbls butter or Oil

800ml water


Meat cutlet 

4 x 100g (400g) tenderized beef or pork slice or flattened chicken breast



50g chickpea flour

50g rice flour

25g plain flour

½ tsp of baking powder

1 egg

½ tsp MA’s chilli powder

1 tsp MA’s garlic powder

1 tsp MA’s ginger powder

5g salt

25ml water

100g breadcrumbs


Step 1

Heat oil in a pan and sauté the onions. 

Step 2

Add the cubed vegetables and water, bring to boil until vegetables are cooked.

Step 3

Add the curry roux and mix, once it begins to boil reduce the heat and simmer until thick

Step 4

Mix batter ingredients together, dip the meat in the batter then coat in breadcrumbs and deep fry. Serve on white rice with fried meat cutlet.