New Beginnings Vanilla Flavoured Milk 190ml

North Lanka Family Foods, which produces the brand New Beginnings, was established in 2013 by MA’s Kitchen as a commitment to bridging the gap between small farming communities and global markets in conflict-affected areas of Sri Lanka. 
We support our local farmers and communities, ensuring traceability, short supply chains, and minimal environmental impact. The factory focuses on producing products with ingredients that are grown in the surrounding areas, including fresh milk to create milk and cheese and peanuts for peanut butter. 
New Beginnings uses locally sourced ingredients to create:
Flavoured milk, 
sesame oil, 
peanut oil, 
peanut butter, 
five different types of cheeses, 
We have 5 delicious drinking milk flavours including Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Faluda, and Green Tea.  Enjoy the perfect balance of creamy goodness and locally sourced milk.