Create it, make it or pack it- MA’s offers services beyond their already 300+ product range.

Private Labelling

MA’S produces an extensive range of products and almost the entire range is available for private labelling. MA’s reputation for flexibility, professionalism and confidentiality is strong and has long standing private label arrangements with many key clients both in Sri Lanka and internationally. As some countries have specific regulatory requirements please contact to arrange a meeting to discuss country specific product options.


MA’s works with multinational companies to pack some of the country’s most wide spread products. MA’s has dedicated sections for these operations and is able to accommodate large scale and long-term projects.

Industry Supply

MA’s is a leading supplier to the high-quality food manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka and abroad. MA’s provides a broad range of products with many unique products for customers’ individual requirements. Please contact us to discuss products specific to your industry/need.

Tailored Products

If the product you require does not already exist in MA’s extensive product range MA’S can design and manufacture to your unique requirements.