Tomato Naan


1 tsp yeast

1 tbls sugar

50g butter / ghee

1 tsp salt

1 tbls Pasta Roma Chilli Pasta Sauce 

1 ½ heaped tbls curd 

1 tbls onion, minced

¼  cup warm water (add more if required)

1 ½ cup flour

Salt to taste 


1. Combine all the dry ingredients.

2. Make a well in centre and add water, curd, melted butter / ghee.

3. Knead until smooth & has an elastic consistency.

4. Allow to rise until double in size.

5. In separate bowl add pasta sauce and onion, mix well and keep aside.

6. Roll one ball of dough into a circle and spread a little pasta sauce mixture evenly ofer the dough. Fold the naan back in half and roll again.

7. Place it on a greased pan until lightly brown. Brush uncooked side with butter and turn over and cook until brown. Repeat with remaining mixture.