Okra Moju

250g okra, cut halfway

50g red onions

50g dried sprats

50g green chilies

1 ½ tsp MA’s Mustard Seed (finely powdered)

2 tbls brown sugar/white sugar

1 tbls Happy Home Chili Paste

1/3 tsp MA’s Turmeric Powder

1 tsp MA’s Garlic Paste

½ tsp MA’s Ginger Paste

½ tsp salt 2 tbls vinegar

Enough oil to deep fry


Step 1

Mix the okra with turmeric and pinch of salt. Set aside for 5 minutes. 

Step 2

Add oil to a deep pot and fry okra and set aside. 

Step 3

Slightly fry red onions, green chillies and set aside. 

Step 4

Finally fry dried sprats and keep aside. 

Step 5

In a container, mix mustard powder, sugar, vinegar, chilli paste, garlic paste, ginger paste and mix well. 

Step 6

Mix all the fried ingredients together and add vinegar mixture. Mix well and store in a tightly closed clay pot.