Baked Special Chicken Curry

200g Pasta Roma Chilli Pasta Sauce 

200ml MA’s Coconut Milk 

150ml water 

1 tsp MA’s Mustard Seeds 

2 tbls MA’s Unroasted Curry Powder 

1 tsp MA’s Cumin Seeds, crushed 

750g boneless, skinless chicken thighs 

Juice of 1 lemon 

Handful of fried onion 

Chopped coriander leaves to sprinkle 

Salt to taste


Step 1

Preheat over to 170°C. 

Step 2

Mix pasta sauce and coconut milk in an ovenproof deep dish.

Step 3

Stir in all the spices adjust salt to taste and add the chicken.  

Step 4

Bake the chicken for 35 minutes until cooked through. 

Step 5

Add the lemon juice to the pan and top with the fried onions and coriander leaves. Serve with Apple Rice.