Cinnamon Puff Puff

2¼ cups ?our

¼ cup sugar

2 tsp yeast

1 tsp MA’s Cinnamon Powder

1 ½ cup warm water

Pinch of salt

Enough oil to deep fry

Icing sugar to sprinkle  

Step 1

Combine flour, sugar, cinnamon and yeast in a bowl. Pour in warm water and mix thoroughly.

Step 2

Cover bowl with a wet cloth and leave to rise in a warm place for 30 minutes. 

Step 3

Add oil in a deep-frying pan over a medium heat and scoop batter into the oil using a tablespoon. 

Step 4

Turn sides of pu? with a frying spoon until golden brown and place on a paper towel to drain the excess oil. 

Step 5

Once cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

- Turn these puffs into a savoury snack by adding Happy Home Seeni Sambol or Happy Home Chinese Chilli Paste when making the dough