Festive Roast Chicken & Stuffing


1.5kg Full Chicken with Skin on

15g MA’s Kitchen Roast Seasoning

3tbp MA’s Kitchen Garlic Paste

3tbs MA’s Kitchen Ginger Paste

2tbs Dads Garden Teriyaki Sauce

1tbs Dad’s Garden Worcestershire sauce



15g MA’s Kitchen Roast Seasoning

1tsp MA’s Kitchen Mixed Spice

300g chicken liver, chopped

5 slices of bread, cubed small

50g Pepper Valley Bacon

250g Pepper Valley Minced Chicken/pork/beef (Your Preference)

1tsp MA’s Kitchen Black Pepper, crushed

1 onion chopped

1tbs Dad’s Garden Teriyaki sauce

25g celery storks, chopped

20g parsley, chopped

3 full boiled eggs, chopped




1. Fully thaw the chicken and wash both the inside & outside. Clean thoroughly and dry.

2. Make a mix of Garlic Paste, Ginger paste, roast marinade and teriyaki sauce and rub over the Chicken. Place stuffing inside the chicken and tie the legs together with string.

3. Marinated for 1 hour.

4. Place in a preheated oven at 180C for 1 Hour

5. Uncover the foil and baste with liquid from the tray and continue to roast open for 20 minutes of high.


For the stuffing

1. Mix All the other ingredients in a bowl with 25g Roast seasoning & pepper

2. Wrap in Foil

3. Bake in the oven on hight for 30 minutes. Alternately you could also stuff your chicken.