Dad's Garden Sauces


Dad’s Garden Sauces

This range of flavourful innovations consist of timeless regional standards and fresh new flavours. The range contributes an element of excitement and choice to Sri Lanka’s sauce market. Produced by MA’S Kitchen under the Dads Garden brand, each gourmet sauce has been crafted with an incredibly special and exclusive twist. Manufactured and packed to high international standards at the company’s state-of-the-art processing facility in Dambulla.

Each day, our well-trained craftsmen painstakingly select the best of the fresh produce arriving   from regional small farmers in Dambulla, central Sri Lanka. After the first round of selection, the materials undergo a stringent cleaning process before they are inspected and then selected for a second time before commencing the sauce processing journey.

Some ingredients are dried and powdered others are ground into a paste while others are minced before blending. The sauces are cooked in controlled conditions to bring out the best of flavours. Finally, the sauces are packed hot whilst others are aged or matured for longer periods before undergoing a series of quality checks before being released to the market.






Mango BBQ Sauce

A sweet, tangy and smoky flavoured sauce perfect for barbecues.  Could be also used as a marinade for your slow cooked ribs and roasts or drizzled generously on grilled meat burgers.


Chili Pineapple Sauce

A spicy, sweet and fruity sauce perfect topped on french fries. Can be used as a flavour base for all types of sweet & sour dishes and dressings.


Garlic & Chili Sauce

A versatile topping sauce or a flavourful homemade marinade. Could be added to your curries and stews to add a unique flavour or could be used to spice up your Nasi goreng.


Lemon Mustard Sauce

The perfect pairing with hams, roasts and sausages. Versatile in a variety of sandwich fillings.  Use blended with other Dad’s Garden sauces for a flavour boost in your cooking.


Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

A typical all time Thai favourite, use as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, Fried Chicken, and other fried snacks. Add to your favourite Asian recipes for a flavour enhancement.


Teriyaki Cooking Sauce

An easy to use marinade for all your BBQ, grills and roasts. Could be used to season Japanese fried rice or noodles. Ideal for marinating Yakitori and Yakiniku, two of Japan’s all-time favourite snacks.


Japanese Katsu sauce

A fabulous soy based dipping sauce for all types of meat and fish grills. Commonly used to top Okonomiyaki (Japanese Omelette or Fried meat cutlet) or just as a seasoning for most Japanese dishes.  .


Korean Spicy BBQ sauce

This spicy medium hot soy based Korean favourite has a nutty sesame taste. It can be used as a marinade for all BBQs and grills. Delicious drizzled generously over grilled meat and seafood.


Steak & grill sauce

A steak sauce with a difference, this sauce is a fusion of American and Asian steak sauces. Perfect as a marinade or poured over grilled meats or roasts.


Worcestershire sauce

The rich flavour of traditional English cooking can be used for all types of pies, stews and roasts. Slightly tangier than the standard, this is a must for lovers of old English cooking.


Sweet Ginger Soy Sauce

Perfect pairing with Chinese snacks such as dumplings, spring rolls and steam buns. Could also be used as a delicious sauce in wok cooking.


Hot Shot

Taking Sri Lanka’s hot spice standard to a new level. A delicious flavour hit to all your meals and sauces for the hot food Ninja. Based on the Famous Sri Lankan Cobra Chili, this hot shot really stings.


Dark soy Sauce

Fermented and aged for over 12 months in vats for seasoning of all kinds of Asian cooking such as Fried rice, Noodles, Chop suey and many other favourites.


Tomato Chili sauce

We took two of Sri Lankas favourite sauces, Tomato Ketchup and Chili sauce, and a made it into one. Crafted to accompany all types of Sri Lankan snacks or to be used as a taste maker in the famous devil bite.