Rasakate Sambol Seasoning Cube

Introducing the Ma's Sambol Seasoning Cube, a culinary delight that eases your cooking and brings an explosion of flavor to your dishes like never before. MA's Kitchen Sambol seasoning cube is meticulously crafted to make delicious sambol within minutes- all without any added MSG. 
Even though named the Sambol cube, this cube is so versatile, use it as a dry rub for marinading vegetables and meat or sprinkle in soups and stews, you are free to explore! Don't forget the classic pol sambol which the cube is named after, and it also works perfectly for seeni sambol and katta sambol or any sambol you want to prepare. 
When added to your cooking, Ma's Kitchen Sambol Seasoning Cube effortlessly imparts a depth of flavor and takes away all the hassle of individually adding different spices in your rack. Besides its exceptional taste, Ma's Sambol Seasoning Cube is crafted with utmost care and attention to quality and has no added MSG. The cubes are conveniently packaged, individually wrapped to preserve freshness and provide ease of use.