Rasakate Kiri Hodi seasoning cube

Introducing Ma's Kitchen Kiri Hodi Seasoning Cube, a culinary gem that unlocks the true essence of Sri Lankan traditional milk-based curries. Ma's Kitchen Kiri Hodi seasoning cube is meticulously crafted not only to enhance the taste & aroma of your recipes but mainly to make cooking quick and simple.

When added to your cooking, Ma's Kitchen Kiri Hodi Seasoning Cube effortlessly imparts a depth of flavor and takes away all the hassle of individually adding different spices to your rack.

Use this versatile cube in any milk-based curry or soup, we also love to add it in when cooking rice to make a quick yellow rice.

Beyond its exceptional taste, Ma's Kiri Hodi Seasoning Cube is crafted with utmost care and attention to quality and has no added MSG. The cubes are conveniently packaged, individually wrapped to preserve freshness and provide ease of use.