Rasakate Kottu seasoning cube

Introducing Ma's Kitchen Kottu Seasoning Cube, a culinary gem that revolutionizes the way you enjoy your favorite homemade version of a variety of street food.  
The versatility of Ma's Kitchen Kottu Seasoning Cube knows no bounds. Whether you're indulging in simply homemade kottu, enjoying a stir-fried noodle dish, or savoring a comforting bowl of pasta or fried rice, this cube seamlessly adapts to a variety of different dishes. 
When added to your cooking, Ma's Kitchen Kottu Seasoning Cube effortlessly imparts a depth of flavor and takes away all the hassle of individually adding different spices in your rack.  
Beyond its exceptional taste, Ma's Kitchen Kottu Seasoning Cube is crafted with utmost care and attention to quality and has no added MSG. The cubes are conveniently packaged, individually wrapped to preserve freshness and provide ease of use.