Chicken Fried Rice


500g rice (preferably long grain)

3 tbsp vegetable oil

250g cubed chicken

2 eggs

25g MA’S Fried Rice Seasoning (Half the pack content)

50g shredded cabbage

50g carrots grated or shredded

50g chopped leeks

50g chopped onion

50g chopped spring onions

3 tbsp Dad’s Garden Teriyaki Sauce

2 tbsp sesame oil



1. Boil rice and keep aside to cool.

2. Heat oil in a pan and saute the chicken, add the eggs, mix and continue to saute.

3. Add the vegetables except for spring onions and stir – fry for 01 minute.

4. Mix MA'S Fried Rice Seasoning together with Dad's Garden Teriyaki Sauce and mix into the rice.

5. Lastly add sesame oil and Spring onions and toss well and serve steaming hot.