Curried Cauliflower Bake

400g Cauliflower, washed and broken into large florets
50g butter
50g flour
600ml milk
1 tbls oil
¼ large onion, sliced thinly
2 tsp MA’s Yellow Rice Paste
1 tsp salt
100g cheese (good quality), grated
Fresh Coriander leaves
Red chillies, sliced.

Step 1

Boil or steam the cauliflower and place in a medium sized oven dish.

Step 2

In a saucepan melt the butter over a medium heat.

Step 3

For people making a white sauce base for the first time remove from the heat and gradually add the flour. For experienced cooks turn to a low heat and add the flour, continue to stir to prevent lumping.Add a little milk and keep stirring until all 600 ml is added. The slower you add the milk the less likely  lumps will form.

Step 4

Stir continuously over a medium/low heat until the sauce thickens.

Step 5

In a frying pan heat the oil and add the onion.

Step 6

Once browned add the yellow rice paste and pour in the white sauce.

Step 7

Add half the cheese and pour over the cauliflower.

Step 8

Sprinkle with cheese and cook in an oven for 20minutes or until golden brown.

Step 9

Serve sprinkled with fresh coriander leaves and red chillies.